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Introducing The Netrix

Netrix is a subscription based platform where you pay monthly and you have access to over a 100+ magic courses that have been carefully viewed for quality to make sure you have the best products out.

As a bonus, Silver Tier Netrix subscribers get a unique discount code to use here at the Magic TV store!

Magic TV Youtube

  • Craig & Ryland's Magic Review Show

    Every Wednesday at 5PM, Craig & his son Ryland review a range of magic products, performing them to eachother and giving them a score each out of 100%.

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  • Review Show Special

    Every Sunday at 9pm Craig Petty uploads a review show special. This is where Craig looks at one specific magic dealer, a magic producer or a creator of magic and reviews some of their products.

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  • The Matt Test

    Matt works in Craig's office in the sales department. In the Matt Test, Craig shows Matt a trick and he talks about what he thinks the perforamnce and whether it is any good, giving a review from the perspective of a layman.

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