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Deep X by Paul Harris with Paul Knight

Deep X by Paul Harris with Paul Knight

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A thought-of word or name inside your examinable wallet. This is an easy and powerful miracle you'll love performing.

Brought to you by Paul Harris Presents, "Deep X" is a special collaboration between Paul Harris and Paul Knight. It's an amazing piece of mentalism that can be carried with you anywhere.

A thin ID wallet is placed on the table. Through the clear window on it, a small stack of cards is displayed. You even spread them so each of the cards can be seen.

Your helper is then asked to think of a four letter word or name. To make it hard, they should think of one that has all different letters. They never say it out loud.

Let's say they choose "Love".

To see how truly lucky they are, you ask them to name their lucky cards. Once they do, you slide out the four random cards that have been in view the entire time. They match perfectly.

Let this deep astonishment sink in. It is a powerful moment.

However, you're not done yet.

Those four cards are turned face down to show that the thought-of word is written in bold letters on the back of the cards. Both the wallet and cards are examinable. A free choice of word and four lucky numbers perfectly match in this impossible prediction effect!

No skill or sleight of hand is required. If you can hold a deck of cards, you can perform "Deep X" by Paul Harris and Paul Knight.

  • No word forces
  • No secret writing
  • No cribs
  • No peeks
  • No memory work

While the word is a free choice, the coolest secret of them all is how you get them to choose their lucky cards. It's a legitimate public website that supercharges the whole routine. Click here to see it for yourself.

Your set comes with the "Deep X" wallet, special cards and tutorial. All you need to do is supply your own normal deck of cards.

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