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Gatekeeper by Craig Petty

Gatekeeper by Craig Petty

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The ultimate every-day-carry-bar-bet (EDCBB). Stretch the hole in a SOLID METAL KEY, and pass a LARGE coin through it. THE PERFECT ACCESSORY TO KEYMASTER.

You introduce a brass key and a coin. You then tell your audience that you will give them $100 if they can push the coin through the hole in the key. After the audience tries and realizes it’s impossible, the magician offers to show them how. With just a rub, the hole in the key magically stretches ten times in size to become a coin-sized slot. The magician can then easily drop the coin through the key before shrinking the hole to its normal size. Everything is examinable.

Gatekeeper is a completely self-contained effect that uses simple sleight of hand to accomplish this amazing trick. The props are custom-made to Craig’s exact specifications and perfectly match the Key Master set, so your routine possibilities are limitless. Gatekeeper is ready to go out of the box. Unlock astonishment when you perform Gatekeeper by Craig Petty.

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