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Monsters by Craig Petty

Monsters by Craig Petty

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Monster by Craig Petty is more than just a trick. It’s a complete project that allows you to perform absolute miracles with nothing more than a few beautifully illustrated cards with popular monsters on them. These cards look like they came directly from a comic book store.

You tell the audience that you love horror films and that you have some collectible cards with the most popular monsters from cinematic history. You then introduce these cards (which can be fully examined) and that's when the fun begins!

Included in the project are more than ten routines that combine magic and mentalism with an incredible hook that will have spectators literally on the edge of their seat. Craig even goes through how you can combine these routines to create a longer act.

The cards include a revolutionary new marking system that was developed by Alakazam's resident designer Ade Gower. This marking system allows you to know exactly what card the spectator is holding even if you haven’t seen the back of the card at all.

We have also included other gimmicks that allow the spectator to literally think of any monster and without saying ANYTHING you can show you knew their selection before you even met them.

Monsters packs small and plays big, it’s easy to perform, there are a lot of options, no table required, instantly examinable and instantly reset. This project has everything.

Perfect for Halloween, perfect for themed performances but also strong enough to perform all year round. Alakazam Magic are proud to present Craig Petty’s ‘Monsters’
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