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Ticket To Ride by Craig Petty

Ticket To Ride by Craig Petty

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Ticket To Ride By Craig Petty Ticket To Ride is a killer new utility pack by Craig Petty design to look like an innocent stack of train tickets but don’t be fooled there is so much crammed on to each card!

“Wow! What a great idea this is, a totally organic prop that is so innocent it’s accepted without question! This really moves the concept of a s**** forwards and creates a truly flexible utility prop that can be used in a stage routine or as a perfect EDC.” Marc Paul

“Another winner from Craig Petty! This is a full act in your pocket! The use of this tool it makes perfect sense! This will to straight in my close up set!” Luca Volpe

On the instructional video Craig will teach the entire close up set he uses with this amazing utility. All the routines are easy to learn and easy to perform!

What about if you live outside the UK? Well these are easily justified to your audience. Just tell them you or a friend recently took a trip to the UK and travelled a round by train. They were going to throw the tickets out but you thought “hey, they look interesting, I wonder if I can do something with them?’

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